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hello i was just wondering if i could reblog ur giveaway on a sideblog not to disturb my followers. i do follow u on my main blog but u cant follow people on sideblogs

Ehh it’s too much of a hassle to connect your side blog to your primary.. Cause I’ll be checking if the chosen urls follow me and you can’t follow people on your side blog so you won’t turn up on the search, so then you won’t be eligible :/ the blog that reblogs/likes are the urls I’m taking x

Jul 22nd

I hit the insane milestone of 10 000 followers !!! [I am still gasping in AWE] So to say thanks to all my lovely followers, I’m going to give away TWO of my small custom moleskine notebooks to TWO lucky ducks :D


If you aren’t familiar with my moleskine designs, check out this post. Basically they are small notebooks where you can request any subject(s)* on the cover and I’ll draw it on. These are one of a kind pocket-sized artworks by meeee.

There’s some examples in the header, and in my moleskine tag. For those that want to order moleskines from me, I open orders again in November. Just in time for Christmas !!

*If I’m uncomfortable with a subject matter I won’t do it, but I’m cool with most things :)

  • This giveaway is to thank my followers, so you must be following me to enter !!
  • I will ship the moleskines worldwide
  • Both likes and reblogs count. You can also reblog as many times as you like cause the more times you do, the more chance you have at winning ;)
  • The giveaway will end on the 5th of August at 5pm Australian Eastern Timezone (GMT +10)
  • I’ll pick the 2 winners at random so everyone gets a fair go :D
  • Your ask box must be open so that I can contact you if you win
  • If you do not respond to the ask within 24 hours then I will pick another winner
  • You must be willing to give me your name and address so that I can mail the prizes to you, should you win
  • There’s no age restriction, but if you are under 18, make sure you have your parents/guardians permission to give out your address
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me
  • Thank you again for appreciating all my art, and GOOD LUCK and GO BANANAS !!
Your drawings are incredible!!!! You have got massive amounts of talent. I hope 1D notices you, because you deserve for them to see how awesome you are. I love tattoos, so I was wondering if you could draw all of the boys tattoos (not like on their bodies, just the plain design). I think that would be top notch! (:

:O YOU SWEETIE. That would be super awesome cool if 1D got to see my art xD *vows fervently* ONE DAY ;u;

I’ve drawn quite a few of the tattoos already.. but I haven’t done a whole set of them or anything.. Here’s the harry one and I’ve done a whole bunch of them as moleskines :) Maybe I’ll get around to doing this but not anytime soon cause I’ve got a lot on my to draw list. x




Hi! I love your drawings so much; you are so talented! I was wondering, how long does it take you to draw something? For example, the drawing of Louis and his mum or the one of the boys at the wedding?

Thanks, sweetheart ! The time totally depends on what type of drawing. The pencil drawing of Louis and his mum took around half an hour, but something like a white pencil drawing takes around 2-3hours :) x

hiiiii. may i have the link to your FAQ, please? xx (ps - thank you for all of your pretty art).

you’re very welcome, petal. the link to my FAQ is on the sidebar!! but here it is again :)

You're art is all over twitter getting tons of favorites just thought if let you know also it's perf

Ahhahha yeah I got so many twitter notifications last night and I don’t post much on there so I was so confused :3 @cyrilliart is my twitter handle if you guys wanna tweet me or tag me in a post :D x

Jul 22nd
Just wanted to say that I love your drawings! You're so talented!! :) Have a nice day.

There’s so many lovely anons today xD Hope your day was lovely as well x

hi:) i really love your drawing you are awesome! i just have one question: what is the 1d dream house? thank you very much xx

It’s a secret project that pygmylouis and I are conducting ;) ;) That is all I will say on the matter UwU

You're such an amazing artist, Im actually a little breathless. Seriously. It must've taken a shit load of practice to be where you are like holy shit man. Good job. Good freacking job I love all your pieces. ESPECIALLY OT5 WHO AM I KIDDING I LIVE FOR OT5. KEEP UP THE MIND BLOWING WORK! <3

Oh god, yes its taken ages but I love it xD Thank you so much, lovee. AND YES I 100% AGREE. OT5 IS LIFE <3 There needs to be more ot5 in the world x

You're super creative! :D Where do you draw you inspiration/ideas from?

If we are talking 1D, just looking through my dashboard I can get a lot of inspiration and ideas. I also love reacting to things that happen irl (i.e. where’s Zayn?) I dunno.. my head is just a weird and crazy place x

What would you do if you woke up and saw all five 1D boys in your bed??

//black list “gif challenge” if you don’t want these to clog up your dash//

what is the meaning of life? :3


//black list “gif challenge” if you don’t want these to clog up your dash//

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